Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017
Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017
Dental Guidance Notes 2020
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The Guidance Notes which explain best practice and the implications of both IRR17 and IRMER17 in dental radiology
The full text of the Regulations
The full text of the Regulations
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Access to news about IRR matters, 'HSE RP News' and prosecutions!
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The importance of QA
Although our Radiation Protection File provides details on routine image and processing QA, there is a legal requirement for external three-yearly radiation QA checks on wall-mounted intra-oral x-ray equipment and panoramic sets (annual testing is recommended for hand-held & CBCT sets).

Critical examination testing on all new x-ray equipment prior to it being used on paitents is also a legal requirement.

In England and Wales, I work closely with the companies listed opposite, who provide competitively-priced on-site critical examination and QA visits using direct measurements to provide rapid feedback on the status of your equipment.

In Scotland, I work with Medicert who provide a complete package for dentists, including servicing as well as on site, extremely thorough, critical examination tests and routine QAs.

Please note that CEs and QAs carried out on site are not only better and quicker than a DIY postal test pack, but are often less expensive!
Apex Medical
Medical equipment repair, maintenance, service and safety inspections
Digital Dental
Installation of dental x-ray equipment, full radiation testing (including CBCT), training and maintenance service.
Medicert is a Scottish based company providing critical examinations and three-yearly QA tests on X-ray sets.
Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme Practice support Manuals
Access to information on complying with the Regulations in Scotland
Dental equipment service, sales and training
Dental Edge
Equipment installation, servicing, and testing
Dtss (formally Dual-tech)
Dental Surgery Equipment Sales, Service & testing. Practice Design & Build
Dragon Dental Engineering
Equipment installation, servicing, and testing
North West Dental Equipment
Equipment installation, servicing, and testing
Dolphin Dental Equipment Services
Equipment installation, servicing, and testing
AG Dental (Equipment) Ltd
SSD Group
Installation, breakdown assistance, servicing & validation

Installation, repair, servicing & maintenance, and testing

Installation, repair, servicing & maintenance, and testing

M A Dental Ltd
Anglian Dental Ltd
Design, installation, maintenance & testing

Duncan Technical Services
Dental Surgery design, planning & installation, servicing & testing
Hague Dental Supplies
Dental Surgery design & refurbishment. Equipment sales, maintenance & testing
Breckon Services (NE) ltd
Sales, servicing & testing
Simon King Dental
Equipment servicing, maintenance, and testing

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Imaging Technologies
Dental imaging maintenance, repair, replacements and upgrades & testing
Turnkey Dental
Design, installation, maintenance, and testing