Due to popular demand we are pleased to announce that we are trying to arrange a training course, early in the new year, on CE and QA testing of X-ray sets especially for all of our Dental Engineering clients. The course will ensure that you are fully up to date with all the safety aspects and rules & regulations regarding the testing of dental X-ray sets as well as covering the practicals issues involved with such testing.
Please keep an eye out for for futher information.
NEWS - December 2019
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Due to the continued demand for our dental services we are aware that Graham is under increasing pressure to ensure that our level of service to you can be maintained. Simon has received additional help with his wife Louise also becoming a partner and helping with the admin side of the business. We have therefore been searching for an additional RPA/MPE to give Graham help – unfortunately there isn’t another family member qualified to take on this role! Finding the right person who has the same practical, no-nonsense approach has not been easy but we are pleased to announce that we believe we have found the right fit.

She is:
Elizabeth Benson, M.Eng., M.Sc., DipIPEM, MSRP
She is fully certificated as a Radiation Protection Adviser and Laser Protection Adviser, and HCPC-Registered Clinical Scientist (MPE). She previously worked for a large London teaching hospital and thus has all the experience necessary to help us, but has recently become a ‘stay at home Mum’ so is ideal for a Family business! You may shortly find that you receive emails from her if there are any queries regarding the completion of your Radiation Protection File documents so please ensure that they are not ‘spammed’.
We understand that there has been a scam email doing the rounds, stating that we have sent documents to you and that you are required to sign in to file sharing applications such as DropBox or OneDrive to see them.
If you should receive such an email, do NOT open it and delete it immediately.
Please be aware, we will NEVER send documents to you using DropBox, OneDrive or any other file sharing application.
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