GET TO KNOW US - the Admin Team
The Senior Administrative Partner is Simon Hart.

I joined the business in September 2013 to assist with the smooth running of YourRPA. I came with many years of customer-focused experience in a variety of fields.

I will be your first point of contact for almost all issues.
I have a good working knowledge, not only of the admin side of the business, but of many 'RPA' type issues. I will never offer advice on RPA/MPE matters but will direct you to whichever of the RPAs is familiar with your practice. By bringing your enquiries through me, you will free up the RPAs to get on with their ever expanding workload and ensure that we continue to be able to act promptly.

For the record, my alias is: BigCharlie Poet
More details at:
In my spare time, I am a performance poet (commissions undertaken!)
Our Ethos

We are very conscious of the fact that our clients often choose us because they have had unsatisfactory dealings with bigger organisations so we have tried very hard to ensure that your dealing with us remain personal and do not involve mutiple telephone options.

Virtually all our new clients come to us as a result of recommendations from our existing clients or the dental engineers with whom we work closely. This we take to mean that 'we have got our business right'. Thankyou.
The Finance Partner is Marina Hart.

I have dealt with the business finances since its inception but I became a partner in August 2017.

I have a Physics degree but taught Numeracy for many years so have a good background for all aspects of the business.

You may occasionally get though to me on the phone when Graham is attending meetings but otherwise I remain in the background.

Like Graham, I am now starting a phased retirement, so the finance role will eventually pass to Simon and Louise.
Administrative Partner - Louise Hart.

I am Simon's wife, and am the administrative partner whose main role is the preparation of contracts and renewals. You will often see my name at the end of your emails or receive calls from me to check email addresses before I send out renewal documents.

As I become more familiar with all the many and various jobs that make up a sucessful business my role will expand accordingly and indeed is already doing so.
About Us
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The Law
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