What changes are being made:
As dentists, you are aware that you must be Registered under IRR17 to be able to use a dental x-ray set at your practice(s). When you first registered, there was no requirement to supply any equipment specific details, or even to specify how many x-ray units you had at your practice(s). Between 2nd October 2023 and 1st April 2024, the HSE will be contacting every Registered dental employer to ask them to provide additional information regarding the x-ray sets they have at their site(s). This will include the number of premises at which x-ray units are in use and the total number of dental x-ray devices in use. Please see the URL below to the HSE website regarding the changes:

What do I need to do?
You need to monitor the above website and your emails carefully, so that you know when and how to provide the details of the radiation equipment you have at your registered site(s). This will include all intra-oral sets, hand-held equipment, OPT sets, CBCT sets and Ceph sets.
This will be requested by means of an online form that you will need to fill out. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of each legal owner to provide the requested information to the HSE, we are not able to do this for you.

What should I do if I am not contacted by the HSE or the person who originally made the group registration?
Continue to monitor the webpage, if you have not heard anything by 1st April 2024 you may need to contact either the HSE or the original group registrant and take appropriate action.

What should I do if I have any problems?
We cannot possibly answer individual queries from all our clients regarding this process as other work will still need to be undertaken. If you are one of our clients and are having difficulties completing the re-registration process, please refer to the step-by-step guide that was emailed out to you last Autumn.
Dental Guidance Notes
The revised Dental Guidance Notes were published on 13th October 2020. These can be freely downloaded from the link on our 'Links' page.

You should download a copy, familiarise yourselves with the changes, and contact your own RPA/MPE if necessary.
HSE are now taking a keener interest in the issue of radon in the workplace. If your practice is potentially in a 'radon affected area', or your radiation risk assessment recommends that you monitor for radon levels, you should ensure that this is actioned, in liaison with your RPA.
We are a family business who pride ourselves on trying to maintain a high level of service for our clients. It has always been our goal as a company to provide levels of service which exceed our clients’ expectations.

However, we are experiencing an exceptionally busy spell. As such, the Partners here at YourRPA have decided at this time to focus on our existing client base.

The result of this is that we are only able to accept new practices onto our client list on a selective basis at this time. To accept more practices without selective review at this time would mean that we would not able to provide that level of service or the standards for which we have become known.

We are extremely grateful to all who have recommended our services via word of mouth and on Facebook group pages, and that as a result you have considered us because of those recommendations.

Be sure to keep us in mind for the future, and check our website regularly for updates as to when our client list will be re-opening fully.
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