As you may remember from our last ‘news bulletin’ we had been hoping to arrange a training course for Dental Engineers. Everything was arranged for March and then, of course, we had COVID! Like so much of our lives, the course was put on hold until suitable venues reopened. Last month we decided that we could not put everything on hold for ever and so made the decision to move the course online. Those of you who have attended any of Graham’s courses in the past will know that he is a very animated speaker, so he was apprehensive as to how well this would work. We finally held three separate courses last week (October 2020), training more than 40 engineers, from all the companies that we recommend to do your CE and QA testing. We felt that the courses went very well, but more importantly, so did the participants. See some of their comments in the side box.

We have no plans for further courses at the present. However if you have a large practice, or can get together with neighbouring practices or friends that require training we may still be able to help. Feel free to email us and we can discuss if a bespoke course is possible.
NEWS - March 2022
New Partner
We are pleased to anounce, that after working with us for a number of years as a consultant RPA/MPE/LPA, Elizabeth Benson (Liz) has agreed to become a permanent member of the team. From April, Liz will be a new partner in YourRPA. As Liz is a working mother, I think we can continue to think of ourselves as a family business!

Liz will be working closely with Graham but will be responsible for all new dental contracts so it is her name that you will see as the named RPA/MPE on all contracts going forward. Simon and Louise have built up a good working relationship with Liz and will continue to look after all the administrative side of the business so there should be no noticeable changes to the service we offer.

Liz's admittance as a partner will mean that Graham will now begin a phased retirement over the next three years. After this the business will continue with Liz, Simon and Louise as sole partners.
Comments about our on-line training course:
Having been on numerous Dental Engineers courses over the past 30 years - I must tell you that yours was simply head and shoulders above all others!
Concise - well delivered - interesting - funny - focussed and utterly relevant. The latter often missing with other providers in my opinion.

So thank you for this - really most excellent.

Thank you very much for the course today, it was absolutely spot on.

Just a quick email to thank you for your on line course this morning which we all found extremely well presented and easy to follow.
IRMER Training Courses
New Dental Guidance Notes
After multiple delays the new Dental Guidance Notes were finally published on 13th October 2020. These can be downloaded for free from the link on our 'Links' page.

You should download a copy, familiarise yourselves with the changes, and contact your own RPA/MPE if necessary.
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